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Abscess Figure 1b

Figure 1b: Abdominal abscess
Case history and photos


Odie a 13-month-old hairless male rat seen pictured below, developed a small lump on his abdomen one week after having completed the 2 weeks of treatment with Baytril for a respiratory illness

Clinical Signs

After three days of closely observing this lump it was noticed that it was becoming red and warm to touch, and was the approximate size of a marble.




Odie’s owner applied hot packs about 5 times a day for 2 days. The next day she noticed that there was a small area of eschar, figuring it had open she continued with the packs. The following day a small opening appeared in the area where the eschar was located. A small syringe filled with saline solution was used to flush the area and keep it cleaned out. This was also done the following day and the area kept clean. It dried up and appeared to resolve itself in about a week.


The photos shown below were taken a day after the abscessed area had already opened and had been cleaned out once.

A month later Odie was required to go back on Baytril and doxycycline to treat another bout of respiratory illness. It was noted that the abscess returned at that time.


Photo 1: Skin abscess can be seen on the right portion of the abdomen.

Photo 2: Shows another view of the abscess.

In Memory of Odie: 09/01/01-05/14/03

Case history and photo courtesy of Marie Hibl.

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