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Barbering Figure 2

Figure 2: Cagemate barbering of female rat
Case history and photos


Two rescue female rats, of undetermined age, believed to be partially wild. Both females housed together with no other cagemates.

Clinical Signs

Smoothed skin, noninflammatory hair loss noted on the head of one of the females due to obsessive grooming by cagemate. It is believed that the cagemate’s obsessive grooming was related to undiagnosed, underlying, health issues which contributed to the behavior.




There is no specific treatment.


Following the cagemate’s death due to undetermined cause the barbered female’s fur grew back in.


Cagemate barbering
Left photo shows cagemates side by side with the female to the right showing evidence of being barbered. The center photo shows areas of barbering on head. Photo to right shows hair growth has returned following death of cagemate.

Case history and photos courtesy of Rattie Ratz

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