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Coloboma Figure 2

Figure 2: Suspected coloboma of the iris (bilateral) in female rat
Case history and photos


Jessie (intact female rat), a standard eared, brown-eyed husky was adopted from a rat rescue in April 2010. She was guessed to be about 1 year old at the time.

Clinical Signs

Owner reported that both of Jessie’s pupils appear to be misaligned: the left pupil points slightly upwards, whereas the right pupil points quite a bit downwards. In addition, the right pupil has an oblong shape. Both eyes appear to have a pupil reflex (to light).


Suspected coloboma (unconfirmed by veterinarian).




Jessie continues to be a very inquisitive and active rat, and appears to be completely unaffected by her odd pupils.


Unconfirmed bilateral colobomas of the iris.

Case history and photos courtesy of Cyzahhe

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