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Cysts Figure 1

Figure 1: Uterine cysts
Case history and photos


Hairless female rat.

Clinical Signs

Presented with signs of an enlarged abdomen and vaginal discharge.


Primary diagnosis was possible uterine cyst.


Surgery was planned for hysterectomy. During the procedure it was discovered that there were two bilateral uterine horn cysts filled with fluid, later believed to be cystadenocarcinoma. It was further determined that metastatic seeding of tumors were also present, however, the primary site for the seeded tumors was never determined.


Because of the extent of malignancy discovered during the procedure, it was arranged to allow euthanasia for this little sweetheart to prevent any further suffering.


Front view
Photo 1: Showing abdominal distention.
  side view

Photo 2: Showing side view of abdomen.

Photo 3: Showing discharge.
Photo 4: Showing uterine cyst.

Photo 5: Showing additional view of cyst.
Photo 6: Seeding of tumors with attachment to cysts.

Photos: J. “Bella” Hodges

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