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Glaucoma Figure 2

Figure 2: Glaucoma in fifteen-month-old female rat
Case history and photos


Tepeu a fifteen-month-old female rat with previous untreated inner ear infection, and permanent head tilt, prior to adoption by present owner.

Clinical Signs

Slight swelling and cloudy discoloration noted to left eye. Initially treated for a left eye infection with ciprofloxacin hydrochloride ophthalmic drops, and oral Baytril twice a day. Metacam was given once a day for pain.
The eye continued to worsen with swelling becoming more pronounced overnight, and she was taken to be seen by the veterinarian the following day.


Glaucoma believed to have developed as a result from an initial scratched cornea and eye infection.


The left eye was removed surgically (enucleation) and carefully glued closed. Tepeu was given Midolazam injection pre-op. An injection of buprenorphine, and Metacam, was then given during surgery and post-op to help reduce pain and discomfort. She went home with her owner following recovery a few hours postop.


Tepeu recovered well, and showed very little after-effects from the surgery. Healing took place with no complications.


Photos 1 through 3, going from left to right, show signs of infection, bulging and cloudiness, of the left eye. The last photo shows post enucleation of the left eye.

Case history and photos courtesy of Shelagh

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