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Lymphoma Figure 2

Figure 2: Systemic lymphoma in 12-month-old rat: Marceau
Case history and photos


Marceau, a 12-month-old hairless male rat weighing 16 ounces.

Clinical Signs

The owner noticed that the rat had a prominent swollen area on its neck. Later that day the owner noted that his testicles had become cyanotic and cool.

Initial Diagnosis

Possible septicemia or complications of lymphoma.


High dosage of Baytril (10 mg bid PO).


The cyanosis resolved, but the axillary and groin lymph nodes, were now visibly enlarged. Small hemorrhagic spots were appearing on his skin (focal erythema). The rats appetite decreased, his body temperature could not be maintained, and he was euthanized several days later.

Final Diagnosis

The cervical glands were sent to the lab and histopathology confirmed systemic lymphoma.


The above photos show enlarged cervical and axilliary lymph glands.

Cyanosis of the testicles.

Focal erythema and petechiae.

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