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Included here below are some listings of websites that we have found to be very helpful in providing information on the care of pet rats, as well as, books on rat care and clubs. We have also included a few links that may help you to find a veterinarian trained in the care of pet rats, in your area.

If after reviewing the material presented in Rat Guide; you still have a rat related question that you are unable to find an answer to:
email: Rat-Info.
If your question is of a more urgent nature and requires an immediate response usually within 24 hours.
email: Rat-Help.

“The Wererat’s Lair”: http://wererat.net/rathelp/ A quick and easy reference to help and care of rats.

“Virginia’s Rat Page”: http://www.interlog.com/~audiotre/rats/ A site with lots of links to articles on different aspects of rat care.

“Raisin’ Rats Rattery”: http://raisinrats.com/   A Quick Medical Guide; M. Ruud, RMCA Member

“The Dapper Rat”: http://www.dapper.com.au/ Quick reference articles.

“Spazrats”:  http://spazrats.tripod.com This site includes articles on Homeopathic care as well as how to make up a First Aid Kit to have for your pet rats.

“Rat Behavior and Biology”:  http://ratbehavior.org This site describes the rat’s behavior, their sensory world, and biology of the rat.

“Rats Are People Too”:   http://ratballs.com This site provides easy to follow information on rat care.

Veterinarian Resources:
Rat Fan Club Vet Referral List
Electronic Zoo/Net Vet

Rat and Mouse Club of America:  http://www.rmca.org/ , Founder: Mary Ann Isaksen, and editor of the Rat & Mouse Gazette. This site includes a wealth of rat care articles written by wonderfully knowledgeable folk. It also has an online section for ordering rat supplies.

The Rat Fan Club:  http://www.ratfanclub.org/ , Founder: Debbie Ducommun, editor of the Rat Report, author of the books Rats: Complete Care Guide, and Rat Health Care.

Rats: A complete owners manual(first and second editions): Author: Carol Himsel, D.V.M. This book is easy reading and can be found at your local pet store.

Additional List of Resources
Additional links to Rat and Mouse resources can be found on the Resources page http://kuddlykorner4u.com/Resources.html at “KuddlyKorner4u”.

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