Neuter Orchiectomy Orchidectomy Synonymous Fix Castration Definition The removal […]


Spay Ovariectomy Ovariohysterectomy Synonymous Fix Neuter (a term generally […]


(clindamycin hydrochloride,   clindamycin phosphate [for injection]) Brands Veterinary: […]


Definition Any pus forming infection of the skin. Classification […]

Otitis Externa

Definition Ot=ear + itis=inflammation. Externa= Of the external ear […]


(Synonymous with theophylline ethylenediamine) Brands: Aminophylline, Phyllocontin, Truphylline Availability […]


Brands Metacam, Mobic Availability Tablets: 7.5 mg and 15 […]

Amikacin Sulfate

(amikacin sulfate) Brand Veterinary: Amiglyde-V Veterinary Availability: Injectable: 50 […]


Definition Any parasite that lives in and derives nutrition […]

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