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Introduction to the Breeding Guide

Welcome to the Breeding section of the Rat Guide.

We hope you will find the information that we have provided useful whether you are considering breeding, have acquired an expectant female, have had an accidental litter, have rescued orphans, or are already a breeder.

The Breeding section will cover many different topics such as mating rats, pregnancy, labor, health problems, placing babies, basic genetic issues, breeding goals, pup development, weaning, and dealing with orphaned rats, to name a few.

Although the Rat Guide Breeding section is geared towards the occasional breeder and hobby breeder, much of the information within can be useful in other breeding aspects.

If you are considering breeding we hope that you will take the time to research before you begin. Selective and careful breeding to improve health, longevity, and temperament will help to cut down on the overpopulation and chronic health issues that we see so often in the pet population. Choosing to breed rats means that you are choosing to accept responsibility.

If you have a medical emergency please contact your veterinarian.

Photo Submissions and Case Histories

The Breeding Guide welcomes submissions from the rat community. Please send any photos and information to Bellaratta@aol.com.

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