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Barbering Figure 1

Figure 1: Self barbering in 6-month-old female rat
Case history and photos

Irma seen here is approximately 6 months old, and is a self barber. Seen below in the photos, she has groomed a significant area of her abdomen resulting in a “clean shaven” appearance. She is housed along with her sibling who does not appear to show signs of this type of behavior. Interestingly, Irma’s mother is also noted to be a self barber preferring to groom the hair from both forearms.


Virginia's Irma
Photo 1:  Barbered abdomen.

Virginia's Irma
Photo 2:  Additional view of same. Note the clean appearance of the groomed site. No lesions or breaks in the skin.

Case history and photos courtesy of William Oulton & Virginia Simpson

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