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Bite Wound Figure 4

Figure 4: Bite (puncture) wounds and resolving hematoma to back of neck and face in a 1-year-old female rat
Case history and photos


Pigg, a 1-year-old intact female housed with her 2-year-old mother in a cage designed for ferrets. Owner discovered a wild rat had gained entrance to the house through a partially open air vent and made its way to the top of the rat cage. Pigg was able to easily squeeze through the bars of the cage where upon she was attacked by the wild rat.

Clinical Signs

Teeth marks (puncture wounds) were seen on the back of the neck and on the face. The wounds were cleaned with a sea salt solution and the following day Pigg was taken to see the vet for further treatment. It was noted the following day that a hematoma was developing at the site of the bite wound on the back of the neck.


Bite wound with developing hematoma.


The vet lanced the hematoma and then instructed owner to allow it to reabsorb. Pigg was then placed on a two-week course of antibiotics. The wound continued to be cleaned with a sea salt solution until formation of scab.


The bite wounds completely healed after two weeks without further complication.


Following the incident the cage was modified for safety, and the air vents in the house were screwed down to prevent further intrusion.


Bite wound and resolving hematoma
Photo 1:  Shows areas of bite marks and resolving hematoma with scab formation. Photo 2:  Bite wounds healed.

Case History and photos courtesy of Lillith Black.

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