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Cataracts Figure 1

Figure 1: Cataracts
Case history and photo


Boomer is an 18-month-old rat. There was no prior history of illness.

Clinical Signs

I first noticed that Boomer’s eyes seemed “lighter”. There was no real noticeable change in his ability to maneuver visually in his environment.


A trip to the vet confirmed a diagnosis of cataracts in both eyes. The vet’s assessment regarding treatment was that there was nothing to be done for him short of surgery, which she didn’t think he needed stating as how most of the world was scent to him anyway. The vet felt that he had accustomed himself well to his changing world and that the stress of a surgery with questionable outcome wasn’t worth the risk.




Seen by vet on consult, and determined that Boomer was well adjusted to his blindness.

It was also felt that since Boomer already knew his way around the cage, I keep the arrangement constant, this on advice from the vet.

Boomer did manage quite well despite his blindness, and resided in a one level cage with Scottie, his cagemate, who had developed hind leg paralysis.


Boomer's cataracts
Photo shows Boomer with cataracts in both eyes. Note the milky color of the lens.

Case history and photo courtesy of Heide Walsh

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