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Fractures Figure 1

Figure 1: Closed fracture right foot
Case history and photos


The photos below show an adult male rat that sustained a closed fracture of the right foot. It is thought, by the owner, to have occurred while the rat was playing with other rats in a cage with wire mesh flooring.

Clinical Signs

Swelling and bruising of right hind foot.


A closed, non-displaced fracture of the right foot.


Healing occurred without treatment.


Swelling and bruising resolved. Complete mobility of foot restored.


fracture right foot in rat
Photo 1:  Discoloration from bruising, and swelling, can be seen to the right foot.

Closer view of fracture
Photo 2:  Closer view of fractured foot. Note that the skin remained intact.

Photo 3:  Injury resolved.

Photos courtesy of Bellaratta’s Nest Rattery

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