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Lipoma Figure 1

Figure 1: Excised lipoma
Case history and photos

First noticed as a small lump, on adult male rat, located close to his thigh that felt “squishy” like an abscess, but resistant to being squished (like a thick water-filled rubber ball). It went from about 1 cm to about 1.5 inches in diameter in a matter of 2.5 months. In two weeks, it expanded to the size pictured below.


incision site
Photo # 1: Showing the size of the thigh incision
required for removal of lipoma.

lipoma top
Photo # 2: View of lipoma from where it was attached at the top.

lipoma bottom
Photo # 3: View of lipoma from where it was attached at the bottom.

Photos courtesy of Nathalie Baldwin at RatRaisins,Inc

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