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Megacolon Figure 1b

Figure 1b: Megacolon (in rat from day 11 through day 27)
Case history and photos

A female baby rat: agouti ambk blazed double rex dumbo born to MC parent.

Mother: Agouti Irish, dumbo rex
Father: Russian blue ambk, dumbo rex

Day 11 -kitten appears normal

Day 14- weight loss, thinner than the rest of the siblings, weaker, less active, appears less coordinated than the rest of the litter

Day 18- green thick fluid diarrhea with a foul smell….this lasted for 3-4 days in small amounts. Weight at this time was 26 gms.

Day 24 - abdomen begins to look enlarged

Day 26 - abdomen elargement obvious and feels tight. Weight now at 40 gms as opposed to siblings 64-72 gms.

Day 27 - required euthanasia by veterinarian

*Notation from owner*:   “This combination of parent or lines will never be used in breeding again, and the owners of the other babies from this litter are told that they must never be used in breeding.”


11 day old kitten
Photo 1:  Kitten appears of normal size and without abdominal distention.
  failure to thrive
Photo 2: Kitten shows failure to thrive, with beginnings of abdominal distention.

comparative difference
Photo 3: Size difference seen here compared with sibling.
  size difference
Photo 4:  Comparative difference. Note on smaller sibling the abdomen beginning to bulge on either side of body.

Photo 5:  Again size difference can be observed.
Photo 6:  Difference also seen in this photo as well.

Photos and case history courtesy of Siri

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