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Pyometra Figure 1

Figure 1: Pyometra in a 10-month-old rat
Case history and photos


Patient: Chubbs
Age: 10 months
Sex: Female
Weight: 427g

Initial consult and diagnosis: 24.3.03

Rat presents with a swollen abdomen. Owner thinks rat is possibly pregnant, but has been swollen for ages so this is unlikely. Rat x-rayed. Results show abdomen full of fluid - no foetuses. Fine needle aspiration (FNA) of left side of abdomen reveals pus. No free fluid in the abdomen. Suspect pyometra as pus is seen coming out of vulva.

abd. X-ray
Photo 1: X-ray of abdomen.

Initial treatment:

Given Metacam and started on Baytril. Rat will likely need surgery.
At this time the rat is active and bar. chest is clear. Rat sent home with owner on Baytril liquid bid (twice a day). The owner also states has noticed that rat is not defecating much - faeces was normal, no diarrhoea, but I think this is due to the bowels being pushed out of way from the massive uterus. Surgery scheduled.

Surgery: 28.3.03

Given premed 0.15ml midazolam, iso/o2 masked down.
Metacam given sc, ventral incision midline - large uterine horn filled with pus, multiple adhesions of peritoneum over the mass and also a loop of small intestine. Tied off and removed adhesions from the bowel. Sutured the omentum of bowel where was torn. Some haem. Bowel looks OK, hopefully blood supply not compromised. Sutured muscle with 4/0 vicryl and skin also 4/0 vicryl. Filled abdomen with warmed hartmanns (Lactated Ringer’s), and 0.1 mL Baytril. Very guarded prognosis. Rest of abdomen is fine. Liver looks a bit pale but all other organs look fine. Home on Baytril. Very weak and has lost a large amount of weight suddenly. Is very thin. Instructed owner to feed up and keep warm and quiet.

Outcome: 12.5.03

The rat is doing well, eating well, putting on lots of weight.


isofluorane gas
Photo 2: Isofluorane gas being given.
  pus-filled uterus
Photo 3: Pus-filled uterus.

pus-filled uterus
Photo 4: Another view of uterus.
Weight of uterus/pus = 180g .
Photo 5: Sutured and ready to recover.

size of pus-filled uterus
Photo 6: Size comparison of pus-filled uterus shown next to coin.
  uterine contents
Photo 7: Uterus and pus.

Case history and photos provided by Dr Larissa Ladyko B.V.Sc, via courtesy of Robyn Arthur.

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