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SDA Figure 1

Figure 1: SDA
Case history and photos


Pepsi, a 6-month-old PEW dumbo, was caged in 6 foot wire cage with about 10 other males. New female rat obtained from another breeder was introduced into another cage within the same room. Significance of quarantine procedures not known at the time. Breeder now quarantines.

Clinical Signs

Within the first week of bringing new rat in, signs of illness in colony observed: squinting and bulging outward of the eyes, lumps in throats, severe respiratory infections affecting colony. Hit in three rounds. Seen first in Pepsi, next with first set of adult rats and later remainder of adults, and last with two litters of pups as they began to wean (does pregnant at the time infection was introduced).




The adults were given Baytril and doxycycline and the infants and pregnant does were given Zithromax. All adult treatments started a few days before the first signs of infection and continued for about three weeks. The pups were medicated as soon as they started eating more solid foods than nursing.


No losses but several of those that were hit hardest battled respiratory infections for the rest of their lives.


Pepsi died right before his second birthday. Also, several of them died much sooner than they probably would have had they not had the lung scarring inflicted by the secondary infections.


Photo 1: Shows swollen glands and eye is beginning to bulge.

Photo 2: Shows swollen throat.

Case history and photo courtesy of Missy Ruud, Raisin’ Rats Rattery

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