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Housing Needs Figure 2

Homemade Rat Housing

Building your rats house will enable you to get the layout and size that you prefer. Homemade environments can also be less expensive than manufactured cages.

Safety Points for Homemade Rat Housing

  • Be sure any wire spacing is appropriate for the size of the rats contained.
  • Check all latches and lids for security.
  • Only use materials that are non toxic.
  • Do not use materials that can be chewed through.
  • Provide flooring that won’t cause injury.
  • Sand down all sharp or jagged edges.
  • Check for adequate ventilation.
  • Make a cage that can be easily cleaned and sanitized.
  • Be certain the home provides enough space for the contained rats.

Photo Examples of Homemade Rat Housing

Cabinet style- The Rat Mansion

Ventilated wire shelving cage- Sparky’s Shelf Cage

Homemade housing photos supplied by:
Sparky Rat’s coated wire shelving cage:

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