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Cataracts Figure 3

Figure 3: Cataract in 20-month-old rat
Case history and photo


Sealpoint Siamese dumbo male, inbred line - DOB - 10/20/02.
Pet rat housed with 2 other males in a Martin’s 695 cage.
Genetic background of rat - Sealpoint Siamese breeding, tracked from grandfather, mother and littermates (approximately 50% cataracts in litter - 4 of 9). Time of onset unknown (photo at 20 months old). Two siblings developed first signs of cataracts at approximately 6 months of age.

Clinical signs

Yellow-white eye centers - apparent severe reduction in sight. Appears to be simple dominant gene.




Supportive caging for safety. Maintained on healthy diet. Aggressive treatment deemed not to be a viable option.


Healthy for age.


Photo 1: Side view of eye with cataract.

Photo 2: Enlarged view of eye with cataract.

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