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Congenital / Hereditary Alopecia Figure 1

Figure 1: Hairless rat & mock hairless photos

Note: It is not possible to be sure which gene is responsible for your true type hairless rat without genetic testing. Double rex, patchwork, and mock hairless are not true type hairless and are caused by dominant rexing genes.


Nude Rat
Photo 1: Hairless Type
Usually hairless except for curly whiskers -may have minimal sparse hair

DbRex Sparse Hairless Rat
Photo 2: Mock Hairless/Double rexed
Often sparse hair on head and posterior that will come and go

Hairless Rat
Photo 3: Hairless type rat
Only showing *at most* curly whiskers.

DbRex Hairless Rat
Photo 4: Double rex male

Photos courtesy of Bellaratta’s Nest Rattery

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