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Megacolon Figure 1a

Figure 1a: Genetic megacolon in 4-week-old rat
Case history and photos

The photos following the case history are of the same 4 week old female rat with classic genetic megacolon. You can see how poorly this baby has thrived. It is one of two babies afflicted in the litter. They had one “high white” parent that was obtained from a local pet store.

In the second photo the baby had been washed to remove diarrhea residue from her fur. When wet you can actually see the greatly enlarged impacted colon loops. This is typical of final stages of colon blockage.. The owner was advised to have these babies humanely euthanized, which was done the day after these photos were taken. If not euthanized these megacolon victims would develop septicemia, starve from inability to absorb nutrition, or the colon would rupture causing peritonitis and death.


4 week old rat with megacolon
Photo 1:  Note the distension of the abdomen on this 4 week old rat with megacolon.

close up photo of 4 week old rat with megacolon
Photo 2:  Note impacted large loop of colon can be seen to the side of the abdomen.

Photography: J. “Bella” Hodges

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