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Megacolon Figure 2a

Figure 2a: Late onset megacolon
Case history and photos

Missy’s rat Kemo (shown below) developed late-onset megacolon. Treatment for Kemo at the time was a high fiber diet (a diet with less bulk has now been found to be more beneficial in late-onset megacolon in rats), Children’s Senokot, and warm water enemas.

Missy reports that even with the use of the Senekot and the enemas, it never completely eliminated all stool, but for the most part, after the initial period of bloating, she was able to keep his bowels moving. She further indicates that Kemo’s body slowly but eventually shut down on its own and he died very peacefully at home.


Photo 1: Bloating of the abdomen can be seen.

Photo 2: Shows side view of bloating.

Photos courtesy of Missy at Raisin’ Rats Rattery

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