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Megacolon Figure 4b

Figure 4b: Enema procedure

initial blockage Photo 1:
Shows area of blockage by stool. Gentle external manipulation of stool must be done before proceeding with enema.

Step 1 Step 1:
Gently manipulate stool to allow access for instillation of enema fluid into the anus.

Step 2 Step 2:
Position rat in the crook of your arm and hold securely. If he struggles, use restraint. He must be kept still to prevent injury during instillation of enema.

Step 3 Step 3:
Sometimes it is necessary to instill a small volume enema of 1 cc mineral oil, to soften and remove some of the stool before instilling a followup enema. Be sure to prelubricate syringe tip with a water based lubricant such as K-Y jelly

Step 4 Step 4:
Gently dislodge the blockage and squeeze to allow stool to move past the anal sphincter. This can cause momentary pain as the hard stool causing the blockage stretches the anus.

Step 5 Step 5:
Holding the rat securely carefully insert a curved tip needleless syringe into the anus, and gently instill 2-3cc of mineral oil or gentle liquid soap suds. Hold the anal opening closed with your fingers to prevent the solution from leaking.

Step 6 Step 6:
Hold solution in to soften stool before allowing to be expelled.

Step 7 Step 7:
Gently massaging the rat can help move the fecal matter through the intestines and colon. This should be soothing to your rat. Discontinue if it causes pain.

comparison   completion The photo to the far left shows stool produced in a normally functioning colon compared with that retained in Megacolon. The photo to the right of that shows completion following an enema of the amount of stool that can be retained in a rat with Megacolon.

Procedure and photos courtesy of Bellaratta’s Nest Rattery

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