Megacolon Figure 4a

Figure 4a: Gathering supplies and preparation

gathering supplies Photo 1:

Gathering of supplies before starting procedure

  • Soap solution, 3 drops in 1/3 cup warm water
  • Mild Ivory liquid soap
  • Blunted curve tip syringe
  • Coflex wrap restraint
  • Mineral oil

Enema supplies Photo 2:

Needleless syringe with curved tip. A glass of 1/3rd cup warm water with 3 drops of mild liquid soap(soap used here is Ivory).

Syringe is then filled with approximately 3 cc of soapy water required for the enema.

If stool is very compacted and hard, it may be necessary to give the enema twice in smaller amounts each time, spaced 20 minutes apart, with mineral oil.

coflex wrap Photo 3: Coflex Wrap Restraint

Woody (our posing rat) is shown in a Coflex Wrap. This or something similar can be used to secure the rat to prevent injury from occuring during the enema procedure. Some rats will become used to the procedure and will no longer require this type of restraint to be used.

Photos courtesy of Bellaratta’s Nest Rattery


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