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Otitis Media, Otitis Interna / Labyrinthitis Figure 2

Figure 2: Photos showing head tilt


Balu: Cause - inner ear infection (he was born on Sep 5, 2001. He came out of a big rescue, over 100 rats were saved, most of them young babies)

Ruffio: Cause of head tilt - meningitis. In Austria this disease must be reported to the authorities since it can be transmitted to humans. Cannot be treated well. (Ruffio was rescued in Feb 2001 from a reptile shop). (*note:organism causing meningitis was not given with submission of this photo)

The following photos are of Squirrel: Cause - Stroke at 4 weeks of age. At 7 months old, he had suffered 4 more strokes in three days, and succumbed (Nov 2000 - Jun 9, 2001. He came from a lab in the VetMed Clinic in Vienna)


Case history and photos courtesy of Liv. For questions concerning these photos please contact Liv at liv@chello.at

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