Otitis Media, Otitis Interna / Labyrinthitis Figure 3

Figure 3: Inner ear infection and head tilt in a 7-month-old female rat
Case history and photo


Mäski has had a severe eye infection at the age of 7 months (injury related).


Head tilt due to inner ear infection.


Mäski was treated with the antibiotic, chloropal forte, for her ear infection for a number of weeks.


Although the head tilt remained after a number of weeks on the antibiotic, Mäski seemed to do well. Four months later however, she suffered a stroke and had to be euthanized.


Mäski’s owner states in her experience head tilts can result from inner ear or eye infections. She advises to see a veterinarian immediately after seeing the first symptoms and to start with antibiotics right away. She feels that even hours can make a difference in the outcome.


Photo shows head tilted to one side, and porphyrin stains around eyes

Case history and photo courtesy of Ursi Glatz


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