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Ringtail Figure 1

Figure 1: Ringtail in adult rat
Case history and photos

Clinical Signs

The rat shown below is a 1½-year-old female that presented with a dark circular ring around the distal portion of the tail. She was part of a colony of approx 60. Interestingly only this rat presented with this condition.


Diagnosed with ringtail.


A dehumidifier that was already present in the room with the colony had been kept in the range of 50-60%. When the classic sign of ringtail was observed, it was raised up to to 60-70 % humidity. Olive oil was then applied to the tail twice daily for several weeks.


The outcome following treatment was resolution of the ringtail.


Photo 1: Note the dark concentric ring or constriction seen around the tail.

Photo 2: Additional view

Photos courtesy of Bellaratta’s Nest Rattery

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