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Sarcoma Figure 2

Figure 2: Soft tissue sarcoma in adult male rat
Case history and photos


Approximately 2-year-old fawn dumbo male. No history of any health issues.

Clinical Signs

Hard, securely attached, mass on right rear leg. The time range from the first sign of the tumor to the time of death was about 3 months


A fine needle aspirate showed soft tissue sarcoma.


Children’s Tylenol for pain management. Then as the mass progressed Banamine was substituted. Although amputation was discussed it was decided that this was not a good option due to the size of the tumor and the high possibility that the cancer had spread.


Humane euthanasia when movement became greatly compromised and the pain medication ceased to work effectively.

Photos showing soft tissue sarcoma of the leg

Photo far left and far right show size of tumor. The center photo shows the veterinarian performing a fine needle aspiration (FNA) to determine cell type. At the time of death the tumor had more than doubled in size.

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