Abscess Figure 5c

Figure 5c: Inguinal canal abscess (Bumpus)
Case history and photos


The Bumpus, a 22-month-old neutered male rat. Housed in a Ferret Playpen, with a nephew also neutered. The day before I spotted the abscess (Saturday), I had just integrated the male duo with 5 female relatives (roughly same age).

Bumpus had a history of bacterial respiratory infection. It was cleared up with Zithromax, but symptoms lingered for a 2-3 month period. Previous to that there had been no other illnesses.

Clinical signs

On a Saturday, first noticed occasional sneezing.

On Sunday, the following day at 2am, discovered a firm round lump inside what should have been an otherwise empty scrotal sac. Pain on palpation. Within hours, the mass had become larger and more irregularly shaped, and seemed to be extend as far as his sheath. Bumpus continued to remain active and willing to move around.

By Monday, the lump looked roughly the same, but Bumpus appeared a bit hunched with eyes squinted, and less willing to move. He was taken to vet at this time.


Inguinal canal abscess, cause unknown, but the vet speculated that it may have been caused by a reaction to the suture material used in the neutering procedure.


Bumpus was given a prophylactic shot of Baytril, and started on a 10 day regimen of Baytril to be given orally.


As of this writing Bumpus is completing his round of Baytril and being closely observed.


A week following completion of the Baytril the abscess reoccurred in 2 or 3 smaller pockets. This time the vet left a portion of the suture site open, and it was flushed with peroxide till it finally closed over (remarkably fast–3 days!).

It was decided with the second surgery to change from Baytril to Clavamox twice daily.

As of this follow-up, Bumpus has healed nicely.


Bumpus, inguinal abscess

Photo 1: Shows nodule near scrotol sac.

Photo 2: Incision and visualization of abscess.

Photo 3: Abscess removal.

Photo 4: Abscess and pus.

Case history and photos courtesy of Charlotte Stanley of Zen Rattery


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