Colorectal Polyps Figure 1

Figure 1: Rectal polyp and suspect bacterial orchitis in domestic fawn and white male rat (Reggie).
Case history and photos

History and Presentation of Clinical Signs

Reggie, 480g rat domestic fawn and white male, presented with swollen right testicle (sudden onset). Also blood in faeces. Faecal examination: normal. FNA (fine needle aspirate) testicle: large numbers of neutrophils bacteria (cocci) + rods + lymphocytes.

Also has prostate hypertrophy as welling felt in pelvis painful.

Initial Diagnosis

Suspect bacterial orchitis.

Initial Treatment

3/5/05-Treated with Baytril antibiotic plus dexamethase plus Tardak (delmadinone) = androgen inhibitor.

Owner reported good response but reoccurred.


16/5/05 – Right testicle swollen again. Prostate ie swelling in pelvis has decreased in size and no pain. FNA (fine needle aspiration) testicle showed serous fluid still containing mixed bacteria and neutrophils (less than 3/5/05). Given Depot dexamethasone and antibiotic combine Baytril/doxycycline.

24/5/05 – Right testicle swollen and cyanotic. Admit: castration performed under masked isoglurane / O2. Midazolam as premed. Baytril + meloxicam (pain relief) given. Also subcutaneous fluids. Sutured muscle wall and skin with 4/0 vicryl.
Home on Baytril syrup for another 5 days.

3/6/05 – Sutures removed – noted blood in rectum. Pink mass small 4mm seen inside anus on rectal wall. Given methylprednisolone. Cauterized area with lotagen solution.

6/6/05 – Given masked isoflurance /o2. Expored inside rectum. Polyp found and removed. Extensive hemorrhage. Bowel impacted with faeces and removed.

Radiographs taken: dilated colon impacted with faeces. Will wait and observe response to treatment. Continue Baytril.


7/5/05 – Bright, eating well. Defecating but not a lot. Placed on prepulsid to stimulate large intestine. Continue to follow-up.

(Note by owner: 1/7/05-Reggie is doing well even put a little weight back on although he is still under by 85 grams the weight he was before he got ill. Continuing supportive nutrition.)


The photos below show polyp and testicles following removal.

polyp removed

Photo 1: Shows polyp following removal, and size.
  testicles removed

Photo 2: Shows testicles following removal


Photo 3: Shows scrotum healed following removal of testicles.

Photo 4: Shows Reggie healed and doing well.

Case History documentation courtesy of:
Dr. Larissa Ladyko BVSc
Indooroopilly Vet Clinic
Cnr Moggill Rd & Russell Tce.,
Indooroopilly Q 4068

Photo contribution by Reggie’s owner Andrea, — Archived page from 2013-04-25 (via the Wayback Machine)


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