First Aid Supplies Figure 3

Figure 3: Equipment

scale Scale for monitoring rat’s weight.

otoscope Otoscope for looking in rat ears.

pill splitter Pill cutter (splitter) for dividing tablets.

stethoscope Stethoscope.


Nebulizer and Mouthpiece (note: this can also be used while holding the rat in one’s lap. See:, Matte Cutter, Aquarium Sealant, Form of Heat, Sterlite Tub (or similar).

Trace a marker line around the out-hole on the mouth piece and then put it on the tub for an outline. Use the matte cutter to cut the hole. Cut a little bit inside the line so the mouth piece has a snug fit. The lighter was used to melt some of the plastic off the cut circle, and scissors were used to flatten the melted plastic along the sides of the opening until the mouth piece could fit through the hole.

Dab a bit of the aquarium clear sealant glue on the outside to cover any holes that might exist when cutting opening.

Make the container comfortable inside for your rat. Place solution to be nebulized into the cup, place rat inside container and nebulize for amount of time instructed.

*Note: in addition (for this type of enclosure), cut or drill three small openings evenly spaced apart a few short inches from the bottom on one end of the container to support adequate air flow for the rat (if supplemental oxygen is not being used).

Nebulizer and container description also courtesy of Nathalie Baldwin at RatRaisins,Inc.


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