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Birth Trauma Figure 1

Figure 1: Maternally Inflicted Bite Wounds


Pregnancy and delivey were normal with no litter loss.

Signs of Injury

Lacerations were noticed on the shoulder area as well as the underside of the neck. A shallow puncture wound was located on the head.


Maternally inflicted bite wounds as a result of assisted birth.


Initially, wounds were gently cleaned with a sterile saline solution and the pup was returned to its mother for feeding and care.

Wounds were checked daily to make sure there was no sign of infection (inflammation or pus) and antibiotic ointment was applied sparingly.


All wounds were resolved by the end of 10 days. The pup survived and thrived.

birth bite
Photos from left to right:
Photo 1 shows the lacerations and bite wounds on day one. The middle photo is at day 2. The last photo shows day 5 after the injury. You can see signs of scabbing as the wound continues to heal.

Photos by Joanne “Bella” Hodges

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