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Labor and Birth Figure 3

Fig. 3: Long Labor “Tango”


The Doe, Tango, went into labor 3 days later than her due date. The vet did not recommend oxytocin for labor induction. The labor lasted 3.5 hours and was bloodier than usual.


Only 2 babies survived out of a litter of 10. One was still born, one smothered, and the other 6 died over the 24 hours after birth.


The 2 surviving babies thrived.
long labor
In the above photos Tango’s discomfort and distress is obvious as she tries to give birth to her litter.

long labor
This photo shows what a seriously hard contraction looks like. You can also see more blood than usual with this birth.

Photos and case history provided by Amanda of Shadowbrook Rattery

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