Birth to Weaning

The First Four Weeks of Life

The first four weeks of a rat’s life are filled with dramatic changes. At birth the pup is naked, blind, and completely dependent upon its mother for everything. At approximately two weeks of age the pup’s eyes are opening and it is beginning to eat bits of the mother’s food. By three weeks the babies are eating anything they can get ahold of and playing wildly. At four weeks they are completely weaned.

The developmental photos can show you what to expect as your babies grow. They can also help you to make sure that your babies are developing properly, and help in the age determination of orphans.

Weekly Development Photos and Text

  • Fig. 1: Pup Development- Week One
  • Fig. 2: Pup Development- Week Two
  • Fig. 3: Pup Development- Week Three
  • Fig. 4: Pup Development- Week Four


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