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Megacolon Figure 5

Figure 5: Woody’s megacolon diet


Cooked carrots, yams, peas, really buttery soft mashed potatoes. Small amts. of broccoli, pumpkin, and lettuce. Woody’s veggies are ALWAYS cooked (except the lettuce) to make them easier to digest!

NO… Gassy veggies like cabbage. Nothing spicy or acidic like pickled beets or olives packed in the vinegar type of juice or tomatoes.


Watermelon, papaya, grapes (skinless), pear, fruit cocktail (syrup rinsed off).
Limit pineapple, and citrus.


Stage 2 babyfood, usually 1/3-1/2 jar a day. Usually meals (ex chicken & vegetables, turkey and noodles), sometimes vegetables, and occasionally desserts or fruits.
Baby cereal made with powdered Soy Milk Baby Formula mixed with water. A mixed cereal with banana, or rice cereal is best.


Woody gets no milk except soy milk and no cheese at all. He rarely has eggs. I use butter to help make foods tasty and to add grease to certain foods for ease in digestion.


Woody doesn’t get much meat at all, as it wreaks havoc with his digestive system. He does get the little bit in that is already in the baby food meals. Now and then he gets a tidbit of chicken or tuna as a treat.Sometimes he gets a bit of fatty skin as a special treat… Which he loves and it goes right through him. He gets no beef or other red meat.

Forbidden Foods

Lab Blocks
Dog Food
Spicy food
Gassy Foods
Acidic Foods
Cheese or milk
Fiber breakfast cereals

Woody’s favorite Treats

Jar Baby food (daily)
Rice baby cereal made with powdered soy (daily)
Soy milk (daily)
Papaya (recently)

Diet courtesy of Bellaratta’s Nest Rattery

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