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Rat Requiem

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Take a moment to remember and mourn for the animals who have unnecessarily passed before their time resulting from unnecessary exposure to disease or neglect. It is important for each and every one of us to learn as much as we can to ensure long, safe, and rich lives for the rats in our care. And to realize each individual rat as a being worthy of such treatment

You Are My World

My small life is in your hands.
Every drop of water I drink, each morsel of food I consume, every
word and touch is delivered by you.
(You are the sun in my sky)

My daily safety is in your hands.
It is you who provides my companions, controls my environment,
determines the quality of my care.
(You are the moon above me)

My entire destiny is in your hands.
I offer in return loyalty, love, companionship, and my complete trust.
It is all I have to give.
(You are the stars that shine down)

My entire existence is in your hands.
It is you that chose to be responsible for my needs emotionally,
medically, and physically till my time has passed.
(You are my world)

~~ Bella Hodges

Posted on July 18, 2004, 14:20 | Reference

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