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Super Pet cage

SuperPet playground cage
The photo of the SuperPet deluxe cage (shown on the left) was taken when the cage was first purchased, so some items that belong inside like the litter boxes and sipper bottle aren’t there yet. I was not able to get the entire cage in the picture so the bottom floor is not showing, but it gives you a rough idea of what the cage looks like. The dimensions are: 56″x20″x30″.

The SuperPet Kingdom cage, seen on the right, can house several adult rats. The dimensions of this cage are: 32″x32″x61″.

Martin Cage This cage, manufactured by Martin’s, is a combination of two cages. The R-695 on bottom and a R-680 on top. It was initially a special design request by an avid pet rat owner. The design was found to be so useful, and so popular, among rat owners that Martin’s gave it its own design name and size label. It can be found listed on the Martin’s web site as The Ruud Cage (R-699).

The cage is powder-coated and has lots of room with easy access.

This cage, originally made by FERN Cage Manufacturing Co., will house 2 rats as long as they are given playtime out side of the cage.

We like to use these when traveling out of town, or when bringing new rats home.

This is an example of a carrier designed for small animals which can be used for traveling short distances. In addition it may be used as a hospital suite should a rat need a safe quiet area to recuperate.

For additional information on housing for pet rats see: Housing Needs in the Care Guide.


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