Endoparasites Figure 3

Figure 3: Cuterebriasis (rodent botfly infestation) in adult male rat (Hobo).
Case history and photos


Hobo, adult wild male rattus, rescued from an outdoor garden with no known health history.

Clinical Signs

Wild male rat in debilitated condition presented with multiple nodule/boil-like lumps (warbles), and taken to veterinarian for treatment.


Cuterebriases (infestation with rodent botfly)


Hobo was completely anesthetized in order to remove the larvae as he was just too feral to be handled. Five bot larvae were removed and the warble wounds flushed with saline solution until healed. No oral or topical antimicrobials were required.


Hobo healed well and continued to live out his normal life span under the care of his rescuer.


Left photo shows the presence of enlarging warble and warble pore resulting from the growing larva. Right photo shows the presence of multiple warbles as indicated by the red arrows.

Left photo shows actual larvae following removal by veterinarian. Right photo indicates healing of wounds.

Case history and photos courtesy of Shelagh Hall


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