Wound Dehiscence Figure 1

Figure 1: Wound dehiscence in female rat (Sneaker).
Case history and photos


Sneaker is a 19-month-old, intact female rat who underwent surgery for removal of a tumor. She is currently housed with two of her offspring. She has no other history of previous illness.

Clinical Signs

Two days following surgery, for a tumor removal, Sneaker chewed out the silk sutures thereby opening up the incision.


Wound dehiscence.


Initial surgical incision, by the vet, was to remove a tumor weighing 27 grams. The incision was 5 centimeters, and was closed with 6 thread sutures at that time.

Two days postop Sneaker managed to chew out all sutures and open the incision. The wound was kept clean, and an injection of Amoxycare-LA 0.25 mL was given.
The following day (postop day 3) the wound was closed with skin adhesive after, again, being cleansed.

Four days postop Sneaker once again reopened the wound. This time the wound was left open to air, and a non-aerosol antiseptic spray was used until Sneaker was able to see the vet.
The following day (postop day 5) the vet cleaned, and closed the wound with 3 metal staples, and another dose of Amoxycare-LA 0.25mL was given.

Sixth day postop Sneaker chewed out the staples and re-opened wound. Skin adhesive was again tried and a bandage wrap was applied to prevent licking of the wound. Two hours following application of the bandage Sneaker had removed it and again opened the wound. The decision was made to leave the wound open and do wound care along with continuing an oral antibiotic.
The following day (postop day 7) a wound care regimen was begun three times a day by cleansing and then applying granulated sugar into the wound to prevent bacteria adherence, and aid granulation of the wound.


Wound care continued with granulated sugar three times daily along with a long acting injection of Amoxycare every third day until the wound was completely healed 16 days post op.


wound dehiscence

Left photo, 3 days post op- wound cleansed and closed with skin adhesive after having been chewed open. Center photo, 7th day post op, wound was again chewed open. Cleansing and gentle packing of granulated sugar into wound was initiated. Right photo continuation of wound care.

wound dehiscence

Left photo taken 12 days post op, and day 5 of wound care. Healing is progressing well. Center photo taken 14 days post op, wound care continues. Right photo taken 16 days post op, wound completely healed.

Case history and photos courtesy of Ian Whyte.


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