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Senokot, Fletcher’s Castoria


3 mg/mL (liquid), 8.8 mg/5ml (syrup), wide dosage range in tablet form


A vegetable based laxative that increases peristalsis by its direct effect on smooth muscle in the intestine.

It is believed that the drug either irritates the musculature or stimulates the colonic intramural plexus, and promotes accumulation of fluid in the colon and small intestine.


Used in constipation to help improve intestinal mobility.

Drug Interactions or Contraindications

No interactions listed with other drugs.

Contraindicated in intestinal perforation.

Adverse Reactions

GI:  anorexia, malabsorption of nutrients, severe cramping, diarrhea

GU:  pink discoloration in alkaline urine and yellow-brown discoloration in urine that is acidic.

Metabolic:  hypokalemia(low potassium level in blood), protein losing enteropathy, electrolyte imbalance with to much use.

Dosage Recommendations

1/8th tab/lb SID; PO 3


  • Ensure rat has adequate fluid and diet intake.

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