Compounding Medications

The need for compounding

Many times a trip to the veterinarian results in you leaving with a bottle of medication for your rat. At times the oral medications are already mixed, but there will be times when you will be given either pills, capsules, or concentrated liquid. When this is the case, some rat owners prefer to mix individual doses in a treat at each dosing time. Many of us prefer to compound so that the doses are made up in advance.

Compounding your own medication is usually more cost efficient than having it made up by the vet or the pharmacy. Another advantage is that you can use ingredients specifically tailored to your rats personal taste preferences.

Compounded medication should always be stored in the refrigerator unless your vet specifically tells you to keep it at room temperature. Be sure to ask. Compound only the amount of medication that you are going to use immediately. Be sure to use appropriate containers for the medications.

It is recommended that any formulation for compounding be double checked by both yourself and your veterinarian to ensure that the dosage you are giving the rat is correct.

Basic Compounding Methods

The two basic forms of compounding that we are going to offer are liquid compounding and medicine balls. Each “recipe” is basic and can be flavored to suite your needs.

  • Fig. 1: Directions for medicine balls.
  • Fig. 2: Directions for oral liquid. (pending)

Once again, please check your calculations with your veterinarian!


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