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Paracetamol (as known in the U.K.)


Tylenol Tablets, Children’s Tylenol Suspension , Infant’s Tylenol Concentrated Drops.


Acetaminophen, a phenol derivative, is both analgesic and antipyretic. It inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins that sensitize pain receptors to stimulation. Unlike aspirin it is not an anti-inflammatory agent.

This drug is both rapidly and completely absorbed and is widely distributed into the tissues.


Used to relieve minor pain

Drug Interactions or Contraindications

Not recommended to be used post-op in animals having received Halothane.

Concurrent use with loop diuretics such as furosemide may increase the risk of ototoxicity.

Do not use in renal or hepatic diseases

Adverse Reactions

Skin: itching

GU: analgesic nephrotoxicity

Hepatic: long term use or single high dose can lead to toxicity resulting in renal insufficiency and liver failure.
Renal: studies in rats have shown tubular necrosis with high dosages.

Dosage Recommendations

Recommended method :Children’s Tylenol= 1 mg/mL to 2 mg/mL in drinking water (based on 100mL of drinking water). 1


100 mg/kg to 300 mg/kg, PO (oral), q4hrs  19


200 mg/kg, PO  34


  • For short term use only. If used repeatedly, use a decreased dosage.
  • ALERT: Always verify drug concentrations when calculating dose. If using the following remember: Infants’ Tylenol Concentrated Drops has a higher concentration of drug per mL than does Children’s Strength Tylenol Suspension.
  • Store drug at room temperature.

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