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Antimicrobial Agents
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Tylan, Elanco


Comes in oral powder and injectable.


Tylosin is a macrolide bacteriostatic antibiotic. It is similar in structure, mechanism of action, and spectrum as that of erythromycin.

Although well distributed systemically, after absorption, it does not penetrate cerebral spinal fluid well.

It is concentrated in the liver and excreted unchanged in the urine and bile.


Used in treating mild to moderately severe forms of respiratory tract, skin, and soft tissue infections caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococci and mycoplasma.

Also used in the treatment of colitis.

Drug Interactions or Contraindications

May be antagonistic with chloramphenical or lincosamides, not recommended to use together unless benefits out weigh risks.

Tylosin when used with digitalis may increase digitalis glycoside blood levels, that could result in toxicity.

Adverse Reactions

GI:  diarrhea

Hepatic:  hepatotoxicity

Skin:  itching

Local: pain and swelling at injection site

Other:  overgrowth of non-susceptible bacteria or fungi

Dosage Recommendations

10 mg/kg , PO , SQ, IM, q24hrs   1 2


4.5 mg/lb , PO, SQ, IM , BID (as recommended on RMCA Drug Chart4


Tylan Soluble 1/8 tsp. in 1 c. (8 oz.) drinking water mixed fresh every 3 days 4
66 mg/liter of drinking water mixed fesh every 3 days  4

*Note: injectable form may be mixed in liquid or food and given PO

Safe for use in pregnant does and rats under 4 months.


  • If mixing in water change every three days and remove moist foods from diet to encourage drinking.

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